stadtmuseum svava

My name is Svava Kristín Egilson

Born in 1966 in Reykjavík, Iceland.

I have studied different forms of art since 1984 among others at the School of Visual Arts in Akureyri, Iceland. I’m still studying in the School of life.

The nature has always been a source of inspiration for me and I like to  combined different techniques of painting and textile in art work.

In April 2012 I went on a journey to find new inspiration for my work.

I felt in love with a old town Hall in Tirol in Austria and there I have found my place in a 400 years old house there I  live and work in my Art.                  My life is my work, my work is my life and i love my life  🙂

Welcome to my gallery and studio     Milserstrasse 2 Hall in Tirol, Austria

For more information please send an email to  svavake@gmail.com

ævintýri 1015


6 replies on “About”

I loke your web site a lot 🙂 Great to be able to see slide show of you work in different catagories. It sure looks like you are into something new and I am looking forward to see more of your latest work!!

Hi Svava! I sat with you at the banquet at the Festival of Quilts. Your work is thrilling! I absolutely love the waterfall in the e-mag article. Brilliant! Will you be in Birimingham again this year? If so, I hope our paths cross.

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